Therapy is an invaluable investment in all aspects of your life. Often times, individuals do not prioritize mental health as they do physical health because the symptoms of poor mental health can seem less distressing. However, when one seeks out therapy, they are often doing so as a response to various kinds of stress. Establishing a good relationship with a therapist can benefit you for a lifetime. Mental health is a piece in the wellness puzzle – physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, relationship, and professional health.
$145 per 50 min session for individual counseling

$75 per 30 minutes of consulting

Wholehearted Living offers a limited number of reduced fee spots for clients that cannot afford the full cost of therapy through Open Path Collective.

At this time, Wholehearted Living is private pay only and does not take any health insurance plans as an in-network provider.
Wholehearted Living will likely be seen as an out-of-network provider since Wholehearted Living is not paneled with insurance. Wholehearted Living will provide super bills that may be submitted to your health insurance plan for possible full or partial reimbursement. However, please be aware insurance companies require a diagnosis prior to any reimbursement.
It is a good question, and one asked often. At the forefront of the decision revolved around confidentiality. Insurance companies require some (or all) of the following: diagnosis, dates sessions took place, notes, and treatment plans. These factors can stay in your permanent medical record for life and can be a barrier to securing healthcare, life insurance, employment, and more. Through conversations alongside clients, the decision to not take insurance was intentional and thoughtful to protect the therapeutic process, space, and relationship.
Wholehearted Living accepts all major debt/credit cards as well as HSA/FSA as forms of payment directly through the client portal.
Wholehearted Living maintains a cancellation policy of 24 business hours.