Getting Started

Therapy is an intimate, deeply personal and tailored process.
Wholehearted Living works hard to make sure you feel listened to and validated and
will check-in to see how you are and ensure you feel supported regularly.
All counseling sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length.


From reaching out to first session can happen in less than a three business days, pending availability.
Wholehearted Living is committed to timely responses.

Note: No patient forms or questionnaires are required to be completed prior to the first session being scheduled.
All forms must be completed at step 3.

Step 1: Reaching Out

First things first. Reach out, let me know how I can help, what you are needing, and if you have any financial concerns about the process.

Schedule Now

Step 2: Free Consult

Wholehearted Living offers a free 15 minute consultation through a phone call, text message, or email to ensure your needs and your schedule fit into what Wholehearted Living can offer. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable to ensure the most effective therapy treatment for you.

Step 3: Becoming an Established Client

All Wholehearted Living clients have access to an online portal with secure messaging, appointment scheduling, and payments. All client forms are available in the portal for electronic signing. Clients may schedule appointments, cancel appointments, send messages, check balances, and address any concerns through their individual portal. All forms, intake documents, and client demographics are completed at this stage through our paperless portal—which is HIPAA secure and encrypted.

Step 4: First Session

Typically, the first one to three sessions is a conversation to get a sense of what brought you to the therapeutic space.

It is an opportunity for you:

To share your concerns, your joys, and your goals
To ask questions about me (my style, my background, my qualifications)
To let me know if you have had mental health services in the past
Address any questions you may have

It is an opportunity for me:
To actively listen and learn about your needs and personal goals
Take inventory of your biological, social, spiritual, sexual, social, academic, and relationship health
To ask questions about why you feel I can best help you
To clarify what has, or has not worked, with previous therapists (if any)
To learn preferred method(s) of communication and learning style

Ongoing Sessions

Once we finish your history, we will work on creating a treatment plan.
A treatment plan may sound overwhelming, but it helps to keep the therapeutic relationship focused.
It helps to keep us both accountable to what is being worked on, how it is being worked on, and what needs to be accomplished.

Before, during, and after the creation of a treatment plan — we are
always working together to refresh and create the process of a healthier you.